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Insurance underwriter

Financial services
Calculate how much to charge people and companies for insurance so they are properly protected from losses and your company can make a profit.

Investment analyst

Financial services
Spot the companies that you think will be successful in the future. Advise people whether to invest their money in them.

Investment banker

Financial services
Help businesses raise funds for expansion by connecting them with other companies or wealthy people who have money to invest.

IT support technician

Computing and ICT
Find and fix people’s computer and IT equipment problems. Set up and test new equipment to make sure it works.

Kitchen manager (head chef)

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Lead a team of staff in a kitchen to make delicious food to serve to customers.

Kitchen porter

Hospitality, catering and tourism
As a kitchen assistant or kitchen porter, you help a chef to prepare meals and keep the kitchen clean and safe so customers in a cafe or restaurant can enjoy their food.

Large goods vehicle driver

Transport, distribution and logistics
Drive around the UK and abroad to deliver goods and raw materials to customers.

Learning technologist

Education and training
Apply your tech knowledge to help modernise education methods. As a learning technologist you’ll enhance the lives of teachers and students alike.

Legal secretary

Administration, business and management
Help to run a law firm to give people high quality legal services.

Leisure centre manager

Sport and leisure
Organise the services and staff at a leisure centre so people can take part in sports and exercise.