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Design, arts and crafts
Use needles and ink to draw permanent images, symbols or words on people’s skin.

Tax inspector

Financial services
Investigate cases to make sure the correct amount of tax is being paid and that fraud has not taken place.

Taxi driver

Transport, distribution and logistics
Pick up passengers and take them to their destination by the quickest and safest route.

Tour manager

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make sure that tours for groups of holidaymakers run smoothly and that they enjoy themselves.

Tourist guide

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Help visitors enjoy places of interest. Explain facts and tell stories about the place and its people as you show them round.

Tourist information centre assistant

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Help visitors to get the most out of your local area by telling them about transport and things to do.

Train conductor

Retail and customer services
Issue tickets to rail passengers and make sure that their journey is safe and comfortable.

Train driver

Transport, distribution and logistics
Drive trains on local and national rail networks, making sure that passengers and freight get to their destination safely and on time.

Train station staff

Retail and customer services
Carry out essential tasks at a train station to help make travel easy and enjoyable for customers.

Training manager

Education and training
Manage training programmes to help company staff improve their skills and get more out of their jobs.