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Sales assistant

Retail and customer services
Serve customers and look after stock in a shop such as a supermarket, fashion store or department store.

Sales manager

Retail and customer services
Organise, coach and lead a team of sales representatives to work towards agreed sales targets.

Sales representative

Retail and customer services
Use your people skills to sell your company’s products or services to businesses, shops or individuals.

Scrum Master

Administration, business and management
You won't be on a rugby squad, but you can lead and inspire teams to greater success by creating positive change.


Administration, business and management
Provide office support to keep all kinds of organisations running smoothly.

SEO specialist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Use various techniques to improve search engine rankings for your organisation's website.

Service desk analyst

Computing and ICT
Help people solve problems with their computers and software. Explain how to do different tasks with the computer.


Performing arts and media
Work behind the scenes with props, scenery and special effects in theatres, concert halls and TV/film studios.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data, then present findings to use the data to help solve problems, spot trends or make predictions.


Financial services
Look after investments for people or companies.