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Photographic stylist

Design, arts and crafts
Help photographers get the best images by creating the right look and mood for a photo shoot.

Pilot - Airline

Transport, distribution and logistics
Fly people and cargoes thousands of miles around the world, making sure the plane leaves and arrives safely and on schedule.

Pilot - Helicopter

Transport, distribution and logistics
Transport passengers in a helicopter for business, leisure or to respond to an emergency.

Postal delivery worker

Transport, distribution and logistics
Sort letters and small packages before delivering them to homes and businesses.

Procurement Manager

Administration, business and management
Buy products and services at the best price to save money for your company or organisation.

Production manager (manufacturing)

Manufacturing and production
Organise the people and processes in a factory so the production lines run smoothly and efficiently.

Project manager

Administration, business and management
Plan and organise people and resources so a project achieves its aims on time and on budget.

Public relations officer

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Create and maintain a good public image for a business or organisation.


Administration, business and management
Greet visitors to the organisation you work for. Help with their enquiries.

Recruitment consultant

Administration, business and management
Help organisations and companies find the right staff. Match people to suitable vacancies.