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Medical secretary

Administration, business and management
Make sure a doctor’s office runs smoothly so patients get the best service possible.

Motor vehicle parts person

Garage services
Make sure customers get the parts they need to fix their car, van or other vehicles.

Museum assistant

Heritage, culture and libraries
Help people enjoy visiting a museum. Keep valuable exhibits safe from accidents or damage.

Museum curator

Heritage, culture and libraries
Create displays of historic objects, pieces of art and other items to help people understand more about the past and different cultures.

Music promotions manager

Performing arts and media
Get publicity for bands, musicians and singers to sell records or promote live music events and tours.

Nail technician

Hairdressing and beauty
Care for people’s hands and feet, giving manicures and pedicures to keep them looking their best and feeling healthy.

Network manager

Computing and ICT
Design, set up and run computer systems to help connect people and companies.

Nursery manager

Education and training
Lead a team of people who provide daycare and learning for babies and young children from birth to five years.

Operational researcher

Administration, business and management
Find better ways for businesses and organisations to work and achieve their goals.

Payroll administrator

Financial services
Be responsible for preparing and processing the payroll for employees within an organisation.