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Library assistant

Heritage, culture and libraries
Do the day-to-day tasks in a library so people can find and borrow the information they need.

Literacies tutor

Education and training
Support those who need extra help to read and write. Your teaching will boost your students’ skills, confidence and self-esteem. It could even change their life.

Local government administrative assistant

Administration, business and management
Support the teams who provide vital public services like schools, child protection and street cleaning. Answer people’s enquiries and give them information.

Local government officer

Administration, business and management
Plan and supervise important services like education and housing to make sure that people get good services that meet their needs.

Local government revenues officer

Administration, business and management
Collect the money needed to pay for local public services. Help people make the right contributions and get the financial help they're entitled to.

Make-up artist

Hairdressing and beauty
Apply make-up and style hair for people in TV programmes, films, photo shoots, or preparing people for weddings or other special events.

Management consultant

Administration, business and management
Help businesses and organisations solve problems, improve efficiency and make changes to the way they work.

Marketing manager

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Use your creativity to promote goods and services to potential customers.

Media researcher

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Find entertaining and interesting people, places and information to make enjoyable TV and radio programmes.

Medical sales representative

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Visit healthcare professionals to sell them the drugs, medicines and medical equipment made by your company.