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Carpet fitter or floor layer

Construction and building
Go into people’s homes and offices to lay and fix the floors. Prepare the floors and measure, cut and fix carpets, vinyl tiles and wooden floors.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research, design and publish maps on paper and online that people can use to find their way around.

Ceramics designer or maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and produce practical and decorative items like cups, plates, bowls and tiles for people to use and admire.


Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make delicious food for people to enjoy in a restaurant, cafe or bar. Cook the food to order and present it for the waiting staff to serve to the customers.

Chemical engineer

Do research to improve the manufacturing processes needed to turn raw materials into everyday products such as fuel, plastics and food.

Chemical engineering technician

Work on the research, development and manufacture of products such as plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.

Chemical plant process operator

Science, mathematics and statistics
Control and check the machinery used to make useful products like paints, plastics, cosmetics and toiletries.

Civil engineer

Construction and building
Design, plan and manage the construction of large buildings, transport links and major structures.

Civil engineering technician

Construction and building
Help to survey sites and draw technical designs for major construction projects. Organise the work and materials for the project and check its progress.

Clinical engineer

Create medical technology to help injured and disabled people enjoy better health and greater independence.