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Brewery worker

Manufacturing and production
Make beer for people to enjoy in pubs and restaurants or buy in shops.


Construction and building
Build and repair walls and chimneys to make people’s homes and other buildings safe and protected from the weather.

Building services engineer

Make sure building systems like lighting, water and heating work for the people who live or work there.

Building standards officer (local authority)

Construction and building
In this job, you would make sure that people involved in construction projects understand and apply the standards that make buildings safe.

Building surveyor

Construction and building
Advise people who want to buy a building whether it meets building regulations or need any serious repairs.

Building technician

Construction and building
Employ workers and buy materials for construction projects to get the best quality at the lowest price.


Manufacturing and production
Prepare meat and poultry so it’s safe to eat and sell it in shops, supermarkets or at local markets.

Cabinet maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and make wooden furniture like chairs, tables and chests of drawers which people can use in their homes.

CAD technician

Computing and ICT
Create 2D and 3D designs for buildings and machinery so that engineers and technicians can test and build their ideas.

Cake decorator

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Design and decorate wonderful cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.