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Teacher - Secondary School - Music

Education and training
Help young people to learn how to express themselves by playing, composing and performing music.

Teacher - Secondary School - Physics

Education and training
Teach young people about the scientific principles and concepts used to understand how the universe works.

Teacher - Secondary School - Religious Education

Education and training
Teach young people about different religions, philosophy and values and help them appreciate the global diversity of beliefs.

Training officer

Education and training
Organise training to help staff improve their skills and get more out of their jobs.

Veterinary nurse

Animals, land and environment
Give nursing care to sick and injured animals.

Veterinary surgeon

Animals, land and environment
Diagnose, treat and care for sick animals.

Welfare rights officer

Social work and caring services
Give people support and advice on welfare benefits, housing, work and money.

Yoga teacher

Sport and leisure
Teach yoga as a form of exercise that helps people feel fitter, healthier and happier.


Animals, land and environment
Look after all types of animals in zoos, safari parks and aquariums or in the wild.