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Sports development officer

Sport and leisure
Organise sports based projects and training to encourage people to take part in sport and to have a healthier lifestyle.

Sports therapist

Sport and leisure
Help people overcome injuries and take part in professional sport safely and effectively.

Sterile services technician

Make sure that medical equipment is kept clean and safe for use with patients.


Carry out operations on patients who need them.

Swimming teacher or coach

Sport and leisure
Help people of all ages and abilities to learn swimming skills, or train competitive swimmers.

Teacher — Secondary School — Art and Design

Education and training
Help young people to learn about different styles and forms of visual arts and inspire and motivate them to create their own artworks.

Teacher — Secondary School — Business Studies

Education and training
Inspire and motivate young people to learn about enterprise and how businesses are created and run.

Teacher — Secondary School — Chemistry

Education and training
Teach young people about the properties of matter and inspire them to learn more about how substances interact through chemical reactions to form different substances.

Teacher — Secondary School — Drama

Education and training
Guide young people to learn practical skills in drama and experience the excitement and energy of acting and performing.