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My strengths

Strengths are things you’re naturally good at. If you’re good at something, you’ll find it easier. That means you’ll feel more confident, engaged and you'll perform better. Our strengths tool and information will help you discover the courses and jobs that suit you.

Find out what your strengths are

Why you strengths are important

Knowing your strengths helps you pick careers, subjects or courses which bring out the best in you. 

Strengths can help you develop your skills. If something’s a strength, you’ll enjoy doing it. And they can help you work towards your goals.

Developing your strengths

Your strengths should come naturally to you, but that doe not mean you cannot make them even stronger. Getting to use your strengths is the best way to develop them further.

Try looking for activities in work, school, college or uni which let you use your strengths. Offer to take part in them or ask to pick up certain tasks. 

You can also look outside of your daily tasks and find extracurricular activities or volunteering which help you build on them.

Here are some examples of things you can do to build on some common strengths:

  • writing - try writing articles for your school newspaper or starting a blog
  • competitive - joining a sports team
  • organiser - help to organise an event, like your school prom or work night out
  • supportive - volunteer for a buddy or mentoring system
  • responsible - help out at the tuck shop or organising a charity collection

If you complete the Strengths tool, you’ll also find out about your unrealised strengths. These are suggestions of things you’re good at, but do not do quite as much. Think about how you can fit these strengths into your work or life to build them up.

5 signs you're using your strengths

Choosing a job or subject that suits your strengths is good for you. Why? Because you’ll do it better. That can make work or school much more fun.

Here’s what you can achieve when you’re using your strengths:


You'll learn fast

You’ll pick tasks up and take in information much quicker if they use your strengths.

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If something lets you use your strengths, you’ll be keen to do it. Your colleagues (or teachers) will notice your motivation.

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Personal development

You learn best in areas where you already have strengths. Using your strengths will help you develop. 



If you’re doing things you do well, you feel confident that you can achieve more.

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All these things will help make you happier while you’re at work or school.