How to choose your school subjects

The key things you need to think about when making your subject choices.

The key things you need to think about when making your subject choices.

Five things to think about

It's time to choose your subjects. Not sure where to start?

Ask yourself these 5 questions to help you make your decision:

1. How do you like to learn?

Everybody learns in their own way. Knowing how you learn best can help you figure out what subjects to choose. For example, if you enjoy learning through listening and speaking, you may be suited to learning languages.

2. Where can certain subjects take you?

Your subject choices can affect the jobs open to you in the future. You need to have studied certain subjects to apply for some courses or jobs. You can find out more about where your subjects can take you with our Subject Choices tool. Use the tool to explore job profiles, industries and Modern Apprenticeships.

3. What subjects do you enjoy?

Doing what you love can make you more likely to do well. If you’re interested in something, learning more about it can be fun.

4. What subjects are you good at?

You're more likely to enjoy subjects that you do well in. But you don't only have to pick subjects you're good at — you should also think about subjects you've never done before.

5. What do other people think?

Talk to people you trust, such as family members or friends, about where they think your strengths lie. Your choices have to be the right ones for you.

Remember, don't rush the decision. Take the time to think about your options. You can also have a look at our Future Me subject choices magazine for more help choosing your subjects.

Get out of the classroom with a Foundation Apprenticeship

If you're going into S5 or S6, you can choose a Foundation Apprenticeship as part of your subject choices. 

You'll get to work with an employer and learn at college before you've even left school. You'll also earn a qualification that's the same level as a Higher.

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Talk to a careers adviser

Our career centres are currently closed. For career information, advice and guidance check online at My World of Work, by calling your local centre to speak to an adviser or via the SDS Helpline on 0800 917 8000.

Use the Subject Choices tool

Explore where your subject choices could take you.