Applying for a job? Here's how your strengths can help

Putting your strengths in the spotlight can help you make a good impression on a potential employer. Here's how.

About 2 mins

Your strengths aren’t only important in helping you make decisions about your future. They can also help you show employers why you’d be a good person for their team.

To find out where your strengths lie, have a go at the strengths quiz in your account.

Job applications, CVs and cover letters

Knowing your strengths helps you think about what's unique about you. Highlighting them will help you stand out from other candidates. 

‘School leavers have to do this all the time as they often don’t have a work history to rely on,’ says careers adviser Hazel Griffith. ‘You can acknowledge that your experience is limited but that you have many strengths. Explain why you think you are suited to the position and that you are open to new challenges.’ 

So where do you mention them? 

You can work your strengths into your personal statement on your CV, additional information section of application forms or your cover letter. What you’re trying to do is make a clear connection between the type of person they’re looking for and you. Link the tasks and responsibilities involved in the role with your strengths.


At interviews, make sure you give good examples of how you’ve used your strengths. For example, if you’re a good problem solver, give an example of a problem you were faced with at school or in a previous job, how you solved it and what you achieved in the process. It’s about showing an employer how you put your strengths into practice. The more relevant examples you have the more likely you are to score highly in the interview.

If you’re asked why you think you’re a good fit for the job, you can talk about how your strengths will help you to carry out relevant tasks from the job description. Before you go in, look through the job description and mark off things which will let you talk about your strengths. Re-read your CV or application to see what strengths you’ve mentioned there.

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