My career options search: Planning your sessions

Suggestions to help you plan lessons around the My career options search.

About 3 mins

The My career options search works with the My World of Work account. It help individuals explore jobs, industries, Modern Apprenticeships and job families which might suit them.

They can access more than 700 job profiles, 80 Modern Apprenticeship frameworks, and information about Scotland’s key growth industries.

We’ve identified some ways you can support individuals to get the most out of it, these include:

How to search

Individuals can get tailored career suggestions using the information stored in their accounts – Ambition, Strengths, Skills, About me, Education and Experience. 

The more information they provide in their account, the more personalised their search results become.

They can also search for particular careers using the keyword search.

We’ve also created an activity around how Strengths can be used to help make decisions. You might also want to suggest that individuals spend some time chatting to someone who knows them well about their career options. This would work best with some preparation beforehand to consider specific questions that could be asked and reflection afterwards.

Exploring careers

The industry pages are a great source of information about Scotland’s growth sectors. An interesting activity could be created around the relationship between industries and job roles, eg the fact that one particular job role could exist across a variety of industries.

Why not work in groups picking an industry each and exploring possible job roles within it using a mind map?

Finding out more

My career options is only one way of finding out about careers. With some preparation beforehand, individuals could find someone doing a job they’re interested in and have an informal chat about the role. To get the most out of this it is best to plan specific questions to ask beforehand and spend some time discussing what they found out afterwards.


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