My career options search factsheet


About 3 mins


My career options enables users to search for jobs roles, industries and Modern Apprenticeships that are of interest to them. It helps them to explore potential careers using the information stored in their accounts, and consider what kind of job would suit them.

They can compare job profiles and learn about entry requirements, eg qualifications, skills and average salaries.


My career options generates job suggestions for the individual, and enables them to:

  • Find careers which match the information in their accounts. Their results will show matches to their ambition, strengths, skills, education, experience or interests
  • Search using key words/phrases, allowing them to carry out a specific search if they know exactly what job they’re looking for. Part words can also be entered, for example if you type ‘tea’ it will supply relevant jobs such as Teacher or Teaching etc

Once individuals have found and selected a career, they can learn about:

  • Job entry requirements i.e. skills, qualifications, subjects and experience
  • Average salary, career outlook and employment status of current workers
  • Related job vacancies, courses and careers 
  • What it’s like to do these jobs through job profile videos and real people stories
  • Useful contact details, websites and email addresses for organisations within the industry

Features & Benefits


  • Enables individuals to search for any career or careers that match their interests, strengths, ambition, education, skills or experience
  • Provides individuals with relevant, up to date job vacancies directly from JobCentre Plus database
  • Presents related courses, articles and videos that match the search


  • Very quick and easy to use – and it’s completely free
  • Produces multiple, informed results all in one place that help individuals find out more about jobs and careers
  • Sets out options that can assist individuals to make informed decisions based on their skills, qualifications and experience
  • Helps individuals to review where they fit into the world of work
  • Related articles and videos help bring careers to life and give a deeper insight


Why should I use My career options?

My career options allows you to explore different careers and get a better idea of whether or not a job is right for you. It also gives you personalised career suggestions based on the information in your account.

Where does the information come from?

The information has been compiled by Skills Development Scotland, using data from sources including the National Careers Service and LMI for All. 

Industry profiles are informed by the expertise of SDS industry managers. Our Modern Apprenticeship information has been developed using the Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks for Scotland. 

I’m not getting many career suggestions. How can I improve this?

Try adding more information to your account. The more you tell us, the more we can personalise your suggestions.  

The job title I searched for doesn’t come up with anything, is there another way I can find relevant information?

It may be the job you’re looking for is listed under a different title. Try thinking of alternate keywords.