Type of Modern Apprenticeship
The Role

Plan and co-ordinate the work of team of employees so that your business or organisation can achieve its goals.

You’d learn how to deal with people and motivate your staff so they can do the best job. You’d plan how to use your resources like money and materials and make decisions about where the team focuses its efforts.

You’ll learn to assess if you need more resources and how to successfully negotiate for more. 

You’ll need to solve problems, so being a manager can be a creative and challenging role with the opportunity to be innovative.

Entry Requirements

Different industries and employers will want different things from a Modern Apprentice. So, the entry requirements will depend on the opportunity you’re going for.

These might include things like qualifications, work experience or volunteering you’ve done. The employer will explain what they’re looking for.

Modern Apprenticeships are also available at several levels so there are a range of opportunities for people with different levels of skills and knowledge.