My World of Work Live!

Interactive exhibits and activities bringing careers to life

My World of Work Live! is a set of fun, interactive exhibits and inspiring activities that help young people understand future careers.

Aimed at 8-18 year olds, activities are designed and delivered by experts with a passion for education and learning. 

They use the latest technology to engage and inspire, bringing school subjects to life. 

Activities are: 

  • Designed to support the delivery of experience and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Aligned to the Career Management Skills framework and support the realisation of self, strengths, horizons and networks

Inspiring activity resources

​​​​​​​There are activity sheets and learning resources to help you and your pupils get the most out of an inspiring activity, both before and after. 

Have a look at what's on offer:

Digital and ICT
  • DIY Gamer – Program a handheld games console to display your own animation in this fun and easy introduction to programming. Where next – computer games developer?
  • Cracking Cryptography – Try out your skills as a forensic computer analyst by using programs to encrypt and decrypt messages. This activity is the perfect introduction to cyber security​​​​​​​
  • 3D Maker – Test your skills in 3D modelling by designing buildings, furniture, robots, atoms and creative objects. You will learn how to use 3D modelling software and bring your digital creations to life with a 3D printer
  • Avatar Maker - Learn about what goes on inside your computer and create a videogame while doing it! You will learn about jobs in the software development industry and hobby games design
Engineering and maths
  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS Driving Test – Programme LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to simulate driverless car technology. Find out what it’s like to be an engineer as you use your problem solving skills to complete a series of challenges​​​​​​​
  • Space Junk – Learn about space engineering by simulating the orbital motion of a satellite, avoid space debris and bring the satellite safely back home! 
  • Land Yacht Challenge – Design, build and race a model land yacht. Test how far it can travel and make improvements
  • Sensor Security - In this session we will learn about security systems for the financial services. We will use LEGO MINDSTORMS and sensors to build and engineer an automatic security system to protect a bank. Will your bank be safe from cyber criminals?
Renewable energy
  • LEGO® Renewables 1.0 – Using LEGO, explore different forms of renewable energy. Experience what it’s like to work as an engineer in the renewable energy industry by designing an electric vehicle and charging station
  • LEGO® Renewables 2.0 – Using LEGO, explore different forms of renewable energy. Experience what it’s like to work as an engineer in the renewable energy industry by designing a wind turbine
  • CreativITy – In this workshop technology gets creative! You'll program a simple robot and produce a video that can be shared with family and friends
  • CodeArt – Explore the beauty of coding by learning how to create an Andy Warhol inspired artwork. You'll use computer programming and basic maths to create powerful, interactive pieces of art
  • ​​​​​​​Roboplast – Simulate being an environmental scientist. Learn about the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans and design a creative solution by programming an automatic waste-sorting robot using LEGO® MINDSTORM
  • Digital Doctor – Assemble a digital sensor that monitors your heart rate. Find out about how your heart works and learn about careers in the health sector
  • Digital Beats – Learn to code creatively by making music. You'll use a live coding music synth and produce a catchy tune that you can share with your friends and family
  • Bionic Movements - In this session we'll learn about technological innovations to improve services in the Health and Social care sectors. We connect mind and machine using LEGO MINDSTORMS and sensors to design, build and program a prosthetic arm that can help improve people's lives.

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Meet the expert

As part of the My World of Work Live programme, we're running virtual Meet the Expert sessions for secondary school pupils. 

Experts from a range of sectors are taking part in the 30-minute Skype sessions. Pupils will be able to interact and ask questions, giving them a chance to gain valuable insight into the role. 

Find out more about the Meet the Expert sessions and register for an event