Online learning

Find out about online learning and whether it's right for you.

Find out about online learning and whether it's right for you.

Whether you’ve been furloughed due to the current pandemic or you want to update or develop your skills, there’s never been a better time to do some online learning. There’s no need to attend a course or sit in a classroom, so you can study around family or other commitments.

Advantages of online learning

  • It’s flexible – you can fit your studying around your lifestyle. Study in your own time and from wherever you like

  • You can work at your own pace – there are no set days and many courses won’t have a start or end date, so you can take as long as you like to complete them

  • Variety – there’s a huge number of courses to choose from ranging from academic subjects to general skills. You can find a course that suits your interests and matches your current skill level

  • Explore new ideas – whether you want to refresh your knowledge, learn brand new skills or maybe you’re not sure what to study. An online course could give you a taster and help you see if it’s right for you

  • Cost – many online courses are free so perfect if you are on a tight budget

Getting the most out of your course


Be prepared

Make sure you have the materials you need


Get connected

Check if there’s an online community or a tutor you can contact to ask for help or support, or even just to get to know other learners


Have a routine

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of online learning but you should still carve out some dedicated time, away from distractions. If you have others in your household make sure they know when you’re studying


Check if you get certified

If you’re looking for a qualification or certificate, remember to check these are included. Some providers charge for this even if the course is free

How to find a course

Use our course search to find online courses in a wide range of subjects.