How the Certificate of Work Readiness could help you

Build the skills, experience and confidence that employers love to see on your CV

2 minutes

What the Certificate of Work Readiness can help you do 

Getting a job when you do not have experience can be tough, but the Certificate of Work Readiness could help.

Here are 4 things it'll help you with:

  • build skills and work experience for your CV or application forms
  • get a reference from your employer or training provider
  • gain an SQA qualification valued by employers
  • receive a training allowance or Educational Maintenance Allowance if you're eligible

How it works

It’s a mix of training and a work placement, which lets you build up the skills employers want to see on your CV.

You’ll start with 2 or 3 weeks of training, to help you prepare for the world of work.

After that, you’ll split your time between further training and a work placement with an employer. That means you can develop the skills you’ve learned in a real workplace. 

It normally takes around 10 weeks to complete – but it’s built around you and your needs, so the time can vary.

At the end, you’ll come out with experience and a qualification you can put on your CV and application forms. You could also use the employer or training provider as a reference.

It could even help you move into another position – such as a Modern Apprenticeship.

How to sign up to the Certificate of Work Readiness

Speak to your SDS adviser, or call 0800 917 8000 and ask about the Certificate of Work Readiness.