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EC-PC Office IT - an intermediate online course covering Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook

EC-PC (Scotland) Ltd



This intermediate online course will improve your skills using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.The course covers the following topics:MICROSOFT EXCELUse Time Saving Tools and ShortcutsSort and Filter DataInsert Formula Using Cell ReferencesInsert Formula Using Date CellsUse the SUM FunctionUse the SUMIF FunctionUse the VLOOKUP FunctionUse Data Validation to Create a Drop-Down ListUse the IF FunctionUse Conditional FormattingUse PivotTablesMICROSOFT WORDWork with ParagraphsWork with TabsWork with DocumentsUse Page Layout ToolsUse Basic StylesUse Mail Merge ToolsCreate Flow ChartsInsert Hyperlinks and ObjectsUse Content from Other ProgramsMICROSOFT OUTLOOKWork with E-mailUse FlagsUse SignaturesUse Quick PartsUse TemplatesUse Automatic RepliesUse RulesManage Your E-mailUse Content from Other...