Join a degree course with your HNC or HND

Turn your HN qualification into a degree

Some Higher National (HN) courses run by colleges can qualify you to start a degree in the second or third year. Many colleges and universities work together to make sure you study the same topics so you can transfer to a degree.

This can help if you do not have the qualifications to start university from the first year, but still want to go. It also gives you a standalone qualification at HNC or HND level and you can have a break before starting a degree.


Colleges and universities call this route ‘articulation’. If you think you might want to get a degree this way, you need to check which providers offer articulation.

Advantages of articulation

You can decide later on if you want to start a degree. Many people who did not get qualifications at school decide when they are older to return to study. Starting with an HNC or HND means you know you can still go to university if you want to.

It’s also good if you want to change direction in the future or if you want to get some work experience first.

You can find out more about Tyler's experience from leaving school with no qualifications, to getting the qualifications she needed to move into a BA Honours degree. 

Degree subjects

A lot of degrees in the articulation programme are vocational or practical. This is because the purpose of HNCs and HNDs is to meet the needs of employers. More subjects are being added all the time, so look out for new HN and degree pairings.