Learn and train search: Planning your sessions

We have some suggestions to help your pupils make the most of the search.

About 2 mins

The Learn and train search allows individuals to search for a range of learning and training opportunities across Scotland. It’s great for those who are considering further learning after school or retraining.

You may want to consider carrying out some additional activities with your group either before or after using the tool.

Understanding qualifications

It might be worth running a session on the different types of qualifications and levels available in Scotland. Why not use the SCQF as a prompt to discuss different qualifications and how they measure up to each other?

Developing research skills

You could take this further and ask individuals to conduct some research into specific courses at various levels across one sector. They could then present their findings to the group and discuss the differences between courses at different levels.

You could even create a link to My career options by asking individuals to research a range of job roles within one industry. The qualifications required for these roles could then be mapped to the SCQF chart for comparison. The industry pages, accessed through the search, can also be used to find out such information.

Choosing courses

Individuals sometimes have a fixed idea of what course they want to study or, more commonly, where. You could consider creating an activity that highlights the need to have a back-up plan if their first choice doesn’t come through.

This could be done by scenario building – comparing what would happen to someone without a plan B versus someone who does. This could also include considering personal scenarios such as what would happen if they had to travel further afield. They could come up with practical solutions, e.g. what bus would you take and how long would it take you to get there?

Applying for courses

Once individuals are at the stage of applying for courses, there are elements of My WoW that can help. The Strengths quiz is a good place to start – helping individuals understand themselves and therefore find it easier to promote themselves in applications.

You could use our Strengths and profiling activity and tailor it to course applications. Our Creating a personal statement for a CV activity could also be tailored to this audience, supporting individuals to help each other create a personal statement which could be used in their application.

Preparing for interviews is another key part of the application process. Our Know your stuff for interviews activity and Interview tool are both available for use. Although these are designed for employment opportunities you might find them useful in creating something specifically for college/university interviews.