Introducing primary pupils to the world of work

About 2 minutes

For primary teachers, we've developed a set of resources for you and your pupils.

They’re simple to use and allow you to start discussions about the world of work with your class.

The tools

We’ve created 4 tools for primary 5-7 pupils. The tools on offer include: 

  • Animal Me: a fun quiz that lets pupils explore their personality and at the end, they’re assigned an animal and given some ideas about the types of career that might suit their personality
  • My Interests: lets pupils find out how their interests and likes can help them when they’re making decisions -their results will give them some ideas about jobs they might be interested in for the future
  • Skills Story:  an interactive story learning tool that lets pupils find out about and use different types of skills
  • Profile: after completing the other tools, pupils can write statements about their personality, interests and skills in their profile -this can be downloaded and shared with others

The tools are designed for use throughout the Second Level. They support delivery of the Career Education Standard and introduce Career Management Skills.

How to use the tools 

To start using the tools with your class, you'll need to register as a primary teacher on My World of Work. Once registered, you'll see a link in your account area to register your class.

If you cannot see the link to register your class, check your account settings and make sure your role is set to a 'primary school teacher'.

On the manage class page you can: 

  • create or edit classes and add pupils – you can add pupils to your class manually or download our spreadsheet template, fill in your pupil’s details and upload it to add them all at once.
  • remove pupils from a class and add them to another class
  • reset pupils’ access PIN codes
  • move classes forward a year by changing the class name and level
  • invite colleagues to work with your class 
  • set up a school administrator who can help manage your classes
  • access the tools for yourself and view pupil progress

Pupil access

You'll need to register your class first. Pupils should go to

Their default passcode will be 1234. They'll be asked to update this the first time they log in.

If the pupils are using the same computer as you to access the tools, remember to log out of your own My World of Work account before they try to log in.

The activities

To support the use of the digital tools and to allow you to explore even more aspects of work with your pupils, we’ve also created a set of teaching activities.

There’s a natural progression through the activities, as laid out on the primary teacher card on the partner resources page. Some activities are more appropriate for certain stages or year groups. We’ve identified this within the activity outline.