Interview tool factsheet

Find out about our Interview tool and how it can help your pupils prepare for a competency based interview.

About 3 mins


The My Interview tool helps school or college leavers prepare effectively for job interviews. It takes the young person through an interactive mock interview using video clips of two interviewers who ask general and competency-based questions. 


Using the Interview tool, a young person can begin to understand typical interview questions. They can develop strategies to enable them to answer questions fully and improve their interview technique.

They will be asked 15 questions with four possible responses to select from. At the end of the Interview the young person is given results showing them how well they performed as well as a report showing the top answer for each question.

The interviewer video clips are hosted on YouTube, for individuals who don’t have access to YouTube the questions will appear in text format in place of the video clip.

This Interview tool uses the STAR technique, (Situation, Task, Action and Result). Find out more about this in the interviews section.

We recognise the competency based interviews are one type of interview that an individual may experience during a job application process. The content within the interviews collection covers other types of interview.

Features & Benefits


  • Question selection is random so different questions may be presented to returning users
  • Feedback is provided at the end of the interview based on the responses selected
  • Feedback centres on three core skillsets identified by employers - teamwork, problem solving and communication - as well as more general skills
  • At the end, a report is available that can be printed, it shows the answers given and tips on how best to answer next time


  • Introduces users to an interview situation and helps them prepare for their own interviews
  • Users learn about competency based interviews and are introduced to the STAR technique
  • It’s quick and easy to use, and because the question selection is random, users can keep practicing to hone their interview skills


How many questions are there?

There are 15 questions that are designed to help you plan and prepare for a competency based interview.

Where can I find more information about competency based interviews?

For more information on interview styles, including competency based interviews, visit our page on interviews within the Getting a Job section on My World of Work.

How many times can I use the Interview tool?

You can use this feature as often as you need. It’s a great way of preparing for an interview.

I am using the Interview tool for the second time. Why am I getting different questions?

The questions you see are chosen at random so you can practice using the Interview tool more than once.

What does the star rating on the results page mean?

There are three star ratings. These represent your total score in each section of the interview. Next to the star rating is some information that will help you improve your responses next time.

Do my results get saved?

If you are logged in to My World of Work, results will be saved automatically. If not, you will be prompted to register/log in to save your results.

Can I print a copy of my results?