How Good is Our School? (HGIOS)

Various aspects of My World of Work can help when it comes to preparing reports for How Good is Our School (HGIOS) reviews.

The importance of bringing the world of work into the classroom is highlighted in the Curriculum for Excellence and reinforced in Developing the Young Workforce and the Career Education Standard.

My World of Work contributes towards the delivery of these national frameworks.

We've created a series of resources to make it easier to see which areas of the site can be used as evidence against HGIOS4 indicators.

Have a look at the HGIOS overview guide to help you get started. 

Teacher working with school children

HGIOS resources

Evidence builder: Use this to find links between How Good is Our School 4 and the delivery of career education using My World of Work. 


Exemplar statements: An easy way to identify areas of strength in your school by comparing against example statements. 


Radar chart: A visual way to plot areas of strength and areas of improvement using the exemplar statements.


Secondary teacher classroom resources

Find all of our lesson plans, subject lesson inserts and articles to help bring the world of work to life in the classroom.