Green careers

Be part of changing the world and tackling climate change by choosing a green career. 

In a green job you might develop products, provide a service or change the way companies do things that are more friendly to the environment. As more businesses try to be more eco-friendly, every job has the potential to become green.

Discover the endless opportunities. 

The impact you could make

  • Make a significant and positive difference to tackling climate change.
  • Pave the way for a better, more sustainable way of life – helping people now and in the future.
  • Play a key role in preserving our environment, wildlife and nature.

Working in a green career

There are lots of positive benefits of working in a green job, not just for the environment but also for yourself. You can use a variety of skills, explore different routes and work across many industries.

One of the main challenges in my job is to not get disheartened by the climate crisis.

I believe that the young generation of climate scientists has a huge role to play, and this motivates me, inspires me and I really think we can do it!

Galina, Climate Scientist

UKCEH, University of Edinburgh

Explore green jobs

Green jobs cross multiple areas of work — it’s not just about renewable energy as some people may think. For years to come, green jobs will grow and be high in demand. Take a look at what's already out there. 

What subjects to take

These are some examples of subjects you can take if you’re interested in a green career.

  • Art and design
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Design and manufacture
  • Environmental science
  • Engineering science
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Physics

For most jobs, you might not need specific subjects. If your school does not provide all of these subjects or you're just unsure — do not worry. There are many more subjects you can explore by using the Option Choices tool or speaking to a careers adviser in your school.

What routes you can take

There are lots of ways to get a green job. Find out how to get a career which protects and supports our environment.

Some things you may not know about green

The world's most powerful tidal turbine operates in Orkney, Scotland. It can generate enough green electricity for 2,000 homes and will operate for 15 years. 

In January 2021, Aberdeen began operation of the world’s first double decker hydrogen bus. This bus makes use of hydrogen gas as a fuel source.

Electric cars are gaining popularity, with an increase in registrations of fully electric cars up by 127% in 2020, in comparison to 2019.