What should I wear to a job interview?

It’s your first chance to make a good impression on an employer, so presentation is important. Use our tips and dress to impress.

About 2 mins

You want to dazzle your interview panel with your wit, intellect and ability to do the job.

But before you even sit down, they’ve already started forming an opinion.

Whether you live by Vogue, or couldn’t care less about fashion, appearance is a big factor in making a good first impression.

Laura McDade from Topshop/Topman and fashion stylist and blogger Victoria Martin have some interview dress code tips to help you get ready.

Keep it comfy

‘The most important thing about your interview outfit is that you feel comfortable,’ Laura says.

‘You’re under enough pressure as it is and the last thing you want to be doing is squirming in your seat because you don't feel right.'

First impressions

‘Employers are very open when first meeting candidates,’ says Laura.

‘They’re looking for someone friendly and confident who will work well in their current team. This gives you lots of room for manoeuvre with your interview outfit and an opportunity to express your personality.

‘To a certain extent what you wear should reflect the role you are interviewing for. If you’re unsure what's appropriate do some research. Look at the company website and the messages they give about their working environment and their employees.’

Don't be afraid of colour

‘People seem to be frightened of wearing colour to interviews,’ Victoria says, ‘but you don’t only need to wear black or grey.

‘Wearing a block of colour – a blouse, shirt, tie, scarf or dress – can be a nice way to stand out and reflect your personality, without distracting from what you’re saying.’

What to avoid

'It’s not about being boring, but you don’t want to wear something which makes people focus more on what you’re wearing, than what you are saying,’ adds Victoria.

‘Things like big, bold prints or jewellery which draws a lot of attention are things you should probably avoid.'

Laura adds: ‘Avoid chipped nail varnish, dirty scuffed shoes and stains on your shirt or jacket.

'You should make sure your footwear is clean and new-ish looking.’

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