Blair Bowman

Event organiser and entrepreneur

'I didn't think it was going to be a business. It was just an idea... I wanted to see what I could achieve with it'

Blair founded World Whisky Day while he was student at Aberdeen University: now it's his job. The day is a celebration of whisky worldwide and supports the marketing of this important Scottish export.

He also writes about whisky for magazines and other publications.

Blair's top tips for budding entrepreneurs


‘It’s just a matter of going along to as many events as possible, with as many business cards as you can fit into your pockets and just going up to as many people as you can.’


‘It’s about being confident and passionate about whatever your idea is, and it will show through regardless of how nervous you are.’


‘I was amazed by how much support I actually got pro-bono. People were just so generous with their time – it’s just reaching out to people. The deal I had with most of these guys was that if they helped me out now right now at the very beginning, they’re going to get the benefits later on once it grows, and they are now.’

How to be your own boss

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