Steps to success

The world of work is changing but, don't worry, we can help you find a career path that is right for you.  

Sometimes it is not easy to picture a future that is different to what you are used to. Develop and make use of your Career Management Skills to help you take control of your career journey and find the solution that is right for you.

Wondering where to begin? Take the first steps to success by exploring the resources available to: 

•    discover career opportunities 
•    find learning or training
•    be successful in your job search

With our support you will feel ready to look to the future and assess your options, set goals and put plans into action. Start here!

Discover career opportunities

Explore your options, learn new skills and embark on the career path that suits you.

View our practical steps towards progressing in your current career.

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If you feel it’s time to make a change, we can help you think it through.

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Discover over 600 different job profiles full of information to inspire you.

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Find learning or training

With a multitude of free online learning opportunities now available, it’s easier than ever to develop your skills. Find out about other training options available to you too.

Some of us learn best by doing the job itself. Find out about hands-on learning through work-based opportunities.

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Help others, and your career, by volunteering. It’s one of the best ways to build the experience you need.

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Are you a furloughed worker or looking to develop your skills? We’ve compiled a list of convenient, online courses that are flexible to suit you.

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Be successful in your job search

From creating the perfect CV to giving a great interview, learn how to come across your best to potential employers, no matter how long it’s been since your last application.

Your new job is out there - you just need to know where to look. View our tips to help you on the hunt.

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Find all the information you need to help you apply for jobs now. 

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Interviews can offset even the most confident job hunter. Our tips and advice will help you get ready to impress.

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