Dressing for an interview

Show yourself in the best light to your future employers.

Reading time: About 3 mins

Dress to impress

Amazing – you got the interview! You’ve probably already prepped some answers and questions, now it’s time to get thinking about your outfit.

So let’s get you dressed to impress. You might feel nervous deciding what to wear, but if you stick to some simple dos and don’ts – and make sure you choose something you feel comfortable and confident in – you can’t go wrong. 

First impressions

You want to make a good first impression. And as long as you’re smartly dressed you’ll be fine.

The good news is that employers care less about what you’re wearing and  more about what you’re saying. So, try not to stress about the outfit too much. 

Our top tips

Keep it comfortable

You want to feel calm, cool and collected in your interview. A belt digging in, tight shoes or an itchy top probably won’t make you feel that way. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it fits well and makes you feel good. 

Be you

The outfit you wear should be smart, but it should also be you. The interviewer will be looking to see what your personality is like. They won’t see that if you don’t dress in your style. If that means wearing something slightly colourful or a hint of print, do it!

Dress for the role 

What do the people who work there dress like? Take a look at the company’s website to help you choose an outfit that looks like you’re dressed to start the job. 

What not to wear...

Don’t be impractical

Is it a warm day or a cold day? Is it a cool coffee shop role or a corporate office job? Wear something that’s appropriate for the role and the weather. 

Let your words talk

Although you want your personality to come across, you don’t want your outfit to do all the talking. Make sure it won’t overshadow your words. You want to be remembered for the things you say, not just the things you wear. 

Avoid scruffy

No stains, scuffed or dirty shoes, chipped nail polish or unwashed clothes. Make sure you’re presentable.

What next?

An interview is about so much more than what you wear. Check out our interviews article for our top tips and more.