Content and social media executive

Photo of Bex working with her laptop on a sofa at the offices of technology company Mallzee

What does psychology have to do with mobile apps?

Bex works for Mallzee, a shopping app made by a tech start-up based in Edinburgh.

Mallzee lets you swipe through clothes from hundreds of different shops and brands and buy what you want in just one click.

Her job is to create content for the app and to post on Mallzee’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

‘I get to be creative every day. It’s really fun! If you like using social media, it’s amazing to know that it’s actually a job and you can use it in a business.’

An unexpected career!

It’s not the career she planned when when she was at school.

“I was going to be a clinical psychologist,’ says Bex. ‘From the age of 14 that’s what I wanted to do.”

But once she finished her degree Bex felt it would be good to get some life experience before going on to do more study or a job in psychology.

So she became a journalist at the Aberdeen Evening Express, coming up with ideas and writing the copy for all sorts of lifestyle features like student guides, theatre and club reviews, fashion pieces and wedding supplements.

But the internet means it’s a difficult time for the print newpaper and magazine industry so Bex couldn’t see a career in this field. Bex had interned at Mallzee as part of her psychology degree. So when she saw the company was expanding she came back to Edinburgh to join the team full-time.

Now she’s writing for Facebook, Twitter and the app, making sure the content and messages are just right for the different customers who use Mallzee – women and men from 16 to 60 and living in Britain and the USA.

‘If you like using social media, it’s amazing to know that it’s actually a job and you can use it in a business.’

‘The work is a good combination of things I enjoy doing - everything I learned about writing from the newspaper and what I know from my degree,’ says Bex.

‘I need to think about the different personas who are in the audiences, not just somebody my age or a typical 20-something. I think about my mum and how would she want to wear that?’

And she needs to think about the brand voice so everything she writes or posts fits in with how Mallzee wants to present itself. 

She explains, ‘I’m not into the idea of fashion being exclusive. We all need clothes - we all need to wear them - and everyone wants to dress well in what is right for them. Mallzee makes it easy.’

Working in a tech start-up

Working for a new company has its challenges.

‘The sense of responsibility can be quite scary in this type of job. You’re much more pushed in at the deep end than you would be on a graduate scheme.

‘But ideas are really nurtured and we have an amazing team.  We all get to help make the decisions, we all come together and talk about the impact a change could have.’

She’s also been inspired by working with the development and user experience team.

‘I have no tech and no coding experience though I’ve picked up a bit here and there and I’ve now got some design skills and can use Photoshop.

‘Now I’m thinking I would like to go and do some online courses on coding because it’s so amazing what you can do.’

Becoming a clinical psychologist is still an option though, and her degree has been crucial to her career.

‘I use my degree every day thinking about what people want and understanding how people operate. It’s one of the most useful things I’ve done.’