Construction supervisor

'If being indoors is not for you then construction would be ideal'

Tracey started her career in construction as an apprentice joiner for City Building in Glasgow and is now training to become a construction manager.

After school Tracey had a few different jobs, including office junior, hotel receptionist and gym instructor.

She says, ‘Unfortunately I got made redundant because the business wasn’t doing so well and I was unemployed for a year. The job centre gave me an opportunity to either do a joinery apprenticeship or train as a teacher’s assistant.

‘Joinery sounded something where I could be independent, self-sufficient. With my daughter I thought that would be a good thing. I thought it would be a good challenge and something different.’

Now she's keen to see where the industry might take her. ‘I never have an end point of what I want to do. I’m hoping to move up in the architecture side of things'

There's also the chance to learn other new skills. ‘Because of my role here I’ve had to learn sign language to work with some of the boys and girls who come in. I’m keen on doing that and incorporating it into my work,’ she says.