Communications officer

What's your job and what does it involve?

'I work part-time at Fife Voluntary Action. Mainly I look after all of the marketing and communications content for the organisation. I write articles to be sent out to the press, e-bulletins and write all of the content for our website.'

'I also focus on internal communications. When I started they hadn’t had anyone previously so I’m writing the communications strategy which will determine what direction we want to go in. We are funded publicly and work with key partners such as the National Health Service and the council so I need to set up different meetings too. It’s a lot of relationship building.'  

Why is your job important?

'Having a communications strategy helps us to have a clear and consistent message and a consistent voice when we talk about the things that we do.'

What’s your working week like?

'Time management and the ability to prioritise is key.' 

'It’s very busy. I work part-time and I have a wee boy too so I need to fit everything in. I use Hootsuite to schedule social media and need to attend meetings about upcoming campaigns and events that are happening.

'I work with colleagues to create communications plans for things that they are working on. I get a lot of things to proof read for staff. I’ll check spelling, grammar, content and tone. I get a lot of things at short notice.'

What parts of your job do you enjoy and look forward to?

'I love working with my colleagues to build a campaign. I enjoy sitting down and working out what activities we are going to be doing. I always enjoy the writing, especially for press as my background is journalism. Writing is still my strongest skill.'

What skills are needed to succeed in a role like yours?

'Time management and the ability to prioritise is key. You can’t spend too much time on one thing. People skills, both over the phone and face-to-face are also important. You also need good writing skills as well as good spelling and grammar.'  

What advice would you give to someone thinking of a career similar to yours?

'Be confident and make sure that it’s something you’re going to enjoy. If you’re not a people person then there’s probably a different role that would suit you better. Having a good all-round set of skills and experience is important.'