Barbara looks after toddlers, young children and teens.  It’s her job to make sure they’re happy and comfortable, while they’re out of school or nursery.

As well as childcare, the job includes arranging transport, activities, and outings – as well as preparing food and changing nappies.

Barbara loves the flexibility and freedom childminding gives her. But her greatest pleasure comes from simply being around the children.

'Kids coming to the door in the morning... kids coming out of school, giving you a hug and telling you they love you- and they actually mean it!'

After completing her SVQ level 3 in children's learning development and care, Barbara became a foster carer for Glasgow City Council. Then she decided to become a childminder, and hasn't looked back since.

She’s picked up qualifications you might not expect – like infection control, food hygeine and behavioural management. These aren’t mandatory for the job, but Barbara says she’s made use of all of these skills.

So what does it take to be a childminder? Barbara believes it comes down to patience, a passion for looking after other people's children, and a genuine love for the job.