Careers adviser

'It's very satisfying, especially when you see someone for the first time... and then you see they ended up doing or studying what you discussed with them.'

Colin works with senior school pupils at Oban High School helping them to explore potential careers.

He's a careers adviser for Skills Development Scotland, a role he got into after previous jobs in industrial engineering and community education.

When he saw information about the Diploma in Careers Guidance at Napier University, he realised that was the job he wanted to do.

'It just clicked because I’d always thought I’d like to work in schools', he says. 'When I saw that advert I thought that’s it; that’s me working in school and doing the sort of good work that I wanted to do.’

But the experience from his previous roles has contuinued to be useful.

‘Transferable skills probably came from my community education time when I learned about working with different age groups, explaining things and helping people. These were the main transferable skills – just being good at interacting with people you don’t know initially,’ he says.