As an architect, Gus’ job is to bring his client’s vision to life.

He’s got to manage people’s aspirations, and help them realise what’s possible within their budget.

A big part of his role is coordination. He works closely with structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, working through any technical challenges that arise.

He relies on artistic skills to sketch out a plan, before using software to transform his sketches into accurate digital models – so he’s got to be pretty handy with a computer, too.

“The main challenge is managing clients’ expectations... they want the world, and occasionally they can’t afford to pay for it!”

He has now gained enough experience to earn himself the role of team leader. This means he supports other members of staff with their projects, as well as looking after his own.

Though there can be many hurdles along the way, Gus gets a great sense of achievement when he gets to the finish line. He can take pride in the knowledge that his work is changing the face of the city. 



Bachelor Degree
Advanced Diploma