Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will explore and challenge my views about jobs

Success criteria

  • I can discuss my views about jobs along with my peers and show respect for other people’s opinions

Before you start

  • Consider completing Making decisions lesson plan
  • Download and prepare class resources (photos and job titles can be cut up prior to lesson but not essential)

Resources and downloads

  • Front screen computer required for presentation. Pupil IT access useful for next steps activity (we recommend you use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or, in the case of Internet Explorer, version 10 or later)
  • Printer
  • Stereotypes download pack 
  • PowerPoint presentation


These are suggested timescales only and will vary dependent on your group:

  • 15 mins: Introduction to preconceptions 
  • 15 mins: Analysing pictures and job matching 
  • 15 mins: Feedback from groups and discussion 
  • 5 mins: Plenary   

Suitable for

This activity is suitable for BGE: S1 to S3, but earlier or later for some pupils.

Experiences and outcomes

This activity is designed to support:

Health and wellbeing across learning

Planning for Choices and Changes
HWB 3-19a
I am developing the skills and attributes which I will need for learning, life and work. I am gaining understanding of the relevance of my current learning to future opportunities. This is helping me to make informed choices about my life and learning.

HWB 4-19a

Based on my interests, skills, strengths and preferences, I am supported to make suitable, realistic and informed choices, set manageable goals and plan for my further transitions.

HWB 3-20a/ HWB 4-20a
I am investigating different careers/occupations, ways of working, and learning and training paths. I am gaining experience that helps me recognise the relevance of my learning, skills
and interests to my future life.

Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
HWB 3-09a/ HWB 4-09a
As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others.

HWB 3-10a/ HWB 4-10a
I recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs. I contribute to making my school community one which values individuals equally and is a welcoming place for all.

HWB 3-11a/ HWB 4-11a
I make full use of and value the opportunities I am given to improve and manage my learning and, in turn, I can help to encourage learning and confidence in others. 


Literacy across learning

Listening, talking and reading
LIT 3-02a
When I engage with others, I can make a relevant contribution, encourage others to contribute and acknowledge that they have the right to hold a different opinion. I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 4-02a
When I engage with others I can make a relevant contribution, ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and encourage them to take account of others’ points of view or alternative solutions. I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, exploring and expanding on contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

Career Management Skills


I know how to find and evaluate information and support to help my career development.

Career Education Standard ‘I can' statements

Broad General Education

  • I can demonstrate and apply the skills I have learnt across the curriculum in relation to the world of work 
  • I can understand and consistently demonstrate the behaviours an employer looks for in a good employee 
  • I can investigate and assess ethical issues in business and trade decisions

Suggested activities

Introduction to preconceptions (15 mins)

  • Use the example in the presentation to introduce the activity and ‘set the boundaries’ with the whole class, e.g. non offensive language, be sensitive to other people’s views, let people finish what they are saying before challenging their point
  • Ask questions such as ‘What kind of job does this person do?’, ‘Do you think they went to university?’
  • Using the information in the presentation go over what job the woman in the example does. Did anyone find this surprising? If so, why? Highlight and discuss any stereotypes that might have been presented
  • As a class or in pairs, ask pupils to come up with examples of stereotypes they are aware of. Ask them to consider gender, race, religion, sexuality, hobbies, where people live

Analysing pictures and job matching (15 mins)

  • Now split the class into groups or pairs. Provide each group with the list of different jobs and pictures
  • Ask the groups to match the people to the jobs
  • Once everyone has completed the task hand out the job profile fact sheet about what the individuals actually do or go over the answers as a class

Feedback from groups and discussion (15 mins)

  • Ask the groups what they thought – were they right or wrong. Are they surprised? Use this as an opportunity to challenge preconceptions e.g. gender stereotypes and have a class discussion
  • Watch related video clips from My World of Work which challenge preconceptions surrounding disability, gender, race, etc. such as Jacqueline, trainee gas engineer

Next steps and related activities

  • Use My career options in My World of Work to find out more about the careers covered in this activity and more 
  • Invite employers to talk to pupils at assemblies or in class (you can use Marketplace on My World of Work to organise this) 
  • Consider completing Career: Fact or Fiction lesson plan 
  • Go to to get more information on choosing the right career path. ‘Be what you want’ is a campaign to stop gender segregation in the world of work
  • Go to the Institute of Physics website to get more information and resources on improving gender balance in science subjects