My diary of success

To make young people more self-aware and to celebrate their successes. To allow young people to develop confidence in their own abilities. To involve parents/carers to support their child’s skills development and share in their successes.

Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will learn to recognise individual successes and review the skills and behaviours that have contributed to these over a given period of time

Success criteria

  • I can link my successes to the four capacities
  • I can identify and discuss my successes with others

Before you start

  • Consider introducing in p5 as a class diary to encourage children to develop their vocabulary and understanding of the skills they possess and continue to develop
  • Print My diary worksheets as required
  • Go to and register as a Primary teacher
  • Register your class to use


  • My diary of success worksheet
  • Sentence starters
  • PowerPoint presentation


These are suggested timescales and will vary dependent on your group:

  • The development of this lesson can be staged throughout the year and timescales will vary dependent on delivery method

Suitable for

This lesson is suitable for Second level and can be used to enhance learning throughout each year group i.e. P5, P6, P7.

Experiences and outcomes

Designed to meet

Health and wellbeing across learning

Planning for choices and changes

HWB 2-11a

I make full use of and value the opportunities I am given to improve and manage my learning and, in turn, I can help to encourage learning and confidence in others.

HWB 2-20a

I am investigating different careers/occupations, ways of working, and learning and training paths. I am gaining experience that helps me recognise the relevance of my learning, skills and interests to my future life.

Career Management Skills

  • I develop and maintain a positive self-image
  • I am aware of my skills, strengths and achievements

Career Education Standard ‘I can’ statements

Second level
  • I own and can manage my profile and can use it to help me discuss my interests, strengths and skills with my parents/carers and others

Suggested activities

  • Introduce young people to the term ‘career’. Is it important? Teacher (or invited visitor) gives personal account of some of their major achievements throughout their career. Include a discussion on challenges in their working lives and how these are part of the learning process
  • Class to discuss special moments of success (assemblies, enterprise projects, learning to swim, dancing medals etc…) that have happened in their lives so far, both in and out with school
  • Introduce the idea of a diary of success. Explain that as we progress through the school year they will record special moments of success in their own diaries to record their successes and the skills/strengths they are developing
  • Issue young people with the My diary of success (editable to suit needs of each class/child) and sentence starters to give ideas. This could be completed weekly, fortnightly or monthly to highlight successes

Next steps and related activities

  • Diary sent home for parents/carers to comment
  • Diary should move with the pupils from p5-p7 to allow reflection on the skills they have developed to ensure progression
  • A word bank/display of strength and skills vocabulary could be made to ensure that pupils are building upon their knowledge of skills and widen their vocabulary of skills and attributes
  • Pupils can go to and use their Profile to record what skills they have used taking part in this lesson
  • Consider completing Celebration of success lesson to showcase key successes from within My diary of success