To explain what is meant by stereotyping. To reinforce equal opportunities.

Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will be able to describe ways in which stereotyping can impact on career choice

Success criteria

  • I can identify gender stereotypes around me
  • I can understand that skills and qualities are more relevant than gender in the world of work

Before you start

  • Go to myworldofwork.co.uk and register as a Primary teacher
  • Register your class to use myworldofwork.co.uk/ican
  • A fun way to introduce the activity could be to ask each pupil to bring a toy into school and discuss gender stereotypes in toys
  • Consider completing I’ll do that before this lesson


  • PowerPoint presentation
  • World of work quiz
  • Job name quiz


These are suggested timescales only and will vary dependent on your group:

  • 60 mins + (will vary considerably based on amount of group discussion)

Suitable for

This lesson is suitable for Second level but may be more appropriate for those in p5

Experiences and outcomes

Health and wellbeing across learning

Planning for choices and changes

HWB 2-20a

I am investigating different careers/occupations, ways of working, and learning and training paths. I am gaining experience that helps me recognise the relevance of my learning, skills and interests to my future life.

Social studies

People in society, economy and business

SOC 2-16b

I can gather and use information about forms of discrimination against people in societies and consider the impact this has on people’s lives.

Religious and moral education

Development of beliefs and values

RME 2-09d

I am developing my understanding of how my own and other people’s beliefs and values affect their actions.

Career Management Skills

  • I develop and maintain a positive self-image
  • I make positive career decisions

Career Education Standard 'I can' statements

Second level
  • I believe I can maximise my potential in any type of work

Suggested activities

The following two activities can be delivered in the order that best suits your class. You can choose to use the worksheets or the presentation to play the quizzes.

World of work quiz

  • Discuss what is meant by stereotyping
  • Play World of work quiz and discuss findings with the class

Job name quiz

  • Split the class into small groups and complete the Job name quiz
  • Each group to feedback their answers and debate

Next steps and related activities

  • Class could develop their own game and share with younger classes e.g. bingo/ snap to help p1 topic- people who help us
  • Could link to topic- past/ future employment
  • Look at stereotyping issues in stories e.g. Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, Bills New Frock, Amazing Grace, fairy stories and comics
  • Consider completing Stand up job game activity next
  • Pupils can go to myworldofwork.co.uk/ican and use their profile to record what skills they have used taking part in this lesson