Celebration of success

To agree, participate and take responsibility for planning and organising an enterprising activity e.g. Celebration of success

Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will participate and take responsibility for planning and organising a celebration event

Success criteria

  • I can identify personal preferences when considering roles and responsibilities within an enterprising activity
  • I can work with others to organise a celebration event

Before you start


  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Materials for invitations
  • Props where appropriate for celebration event


The development of this lesson can be staged throughout the year and timescales will vary dependent on your group and delivery method.

Suitable for

This lesson is suitable for Second level but may be more appropriate for a new class coming together at the start of the year.

Experiences and outcomes

Health and wellbeing across learning

Planning for choices and changes

HWB 2-19a

Opportunities to carry out different activities and roles in a variety of settings have enabled me to identify my achievements, skills and areas for development. This will help me to prepare for the next stage in my life and learning.

HWB 2-20a

I am investigating different careers/occupations, ways of working, and learning and training paths. I am gaining experience that helps me recognise the relevance of my learning, skills and interests to my future life.

Career Management Skills

  • I develop and maintain a positive self-image
  • I adapt my behaviour appropriately to fit a variety of contexts
  • I am aware of my skills, strengths and achievements
  • I build on my strengths and achievements
  • I interact confidently and effectively with others to build relationships

Career Education Standard 'I can' statements

Second level
  • I own and can manage my profile and can use it to help me discuss my interests, strengths and skills with my parents/carers and others
  • I can identify different types of enterprise opportunities and engage with them

Suggested activities

  • Class to identify and organise a celebration event to show case their learning about the world of work
  • Pupils should consider the various tasks involved in such and identify who would be best to do which tasks. These may include designing and sending invitations/letters, organsing rehersals, booking the assembly hall, creating posters, writing a script, ensuring equipment is available e.g. CD player
  • Having identified individual interests, skills, qualities and abilities, participate in the celebration event which will allow each young person to demonstrate to an invited audience e.g. parents, peers, local employers, community members what they have learned

Next steps and related activities

  • Self reflection following the celebration event
  • Pupils can go to myworldofwork.co.uk/ican and use their profile to record what skills they have used taking part in this lesson