Animal me 2

To use an online tool as a basis for exploring preferences, personality and strengths. To know how strengths and qualities relate to different jobs.

Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will learn about my personality and strengths and how these relate to different jobs

Success criteria

  • I can understand the meaning of preferences
  • I can identify my strengths
  • I can participate in a team better through an understanding of my own strengths and those of other people
  • I can research different jobs on My World of Work

Before you start

  • Explore and/or refer to the book ‘Personality in the Classroom’ by David Hodgson if you would like more background information on the quiz
  • Go to and register as a Primary teacher and familiarise yourself with the Animal me quiz which you can access via your account
  • Register your class to use


  • ICT facilities
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • My World of Work worksheet


These are suggested timescales only and will vary dependent on the group:

  • 60 minutes +

Suitable for

This lesson is suitable for Second level but may be more appropriate for those in P7 who are preparing for a transitional stage or are writing their P7 profile.

Experiences and outcomes

Health and wellbeing across learning

Planning for choices and changes

HWB 2-19a

Opportunities to carry out different activities and roles in a variety of settings have enabled me to identify my achievements, skills and areas for development. This will help me to prepare for the next stage in my life and learning.

HWB 2-20a

I am investigating different careers/occupations, ways of working, and learning and training paths. I am gaining experience that helps me recognise the relevance of my learning, skills and interests to my future life.

Career Management Skills

  • I develop and maintain a positive self-image
  • I am aware of my skills, strengths and achievements
  • I understand that there are a wide variety of learning and work opportunities that I can explore and are open to me

Career Education Standard 'I can' statements

Second level
  • I can use online tools available to me
  • I own and can manage my profile and can use it to help me discuss my interests, strengths and skills with my parents/carers and others
  • I can apply my skills to get more information about jobs/careers

Suggested activities

Icebreaker activities and discussion

  • Explain to the class that today they are going to understand more about their own personality traits and how this knowledge can be used to help in future decisions e.g. what subjects to take at school and what careers they may be good at
  • First discuss what preferences are – use examples that everyone can try – folding arms one way but not the other, signing your name with one hand and then the other, throwing/catching a ball with opposite hands.
  • Explain that there is no right and no wrong – we all have our own preferences
  • Explain the purpose of doing the quiz – go through PowerPoint slides explaining the personality preferences

Animal me quiz

  • Pupils complete Animal me quiz online at and print out or save their results
  • Refer to the slides to show all the animal types

Discussion about the results

  • As each person is different, discuss how it is helpful to know what your own natural strengths are and how this can contribute to better team work i.e. know when to try and balance your strengths to get a task done
  • Teacher to discuss their own personality animal type and then ask the pupils to share their own. Are people with the same traits similar?
  • Discuss how it can be difficult at times to work with opposite traits eg Eddy (extrovert) or Ian (introvert). Discuss how these difficulties can be overcome
  • Discuss how every type is needed in a good team and by understanding each other’s differences we get better results

Research suggested jobs on My World of Work

  • Using My World of Work on a screen, the teacher explores his/her job ideas from the quiz using the search function in My career options. Show the class how easy/interesting it is to look at videos of job roles and also to find out what subjects are required
  • Either in the class or the ICT suite (can be in groups or individually) pupils to investigate one job from their results. Optional task: pupils can complete the My World of Work worksheet to record findings
  • Pupils can volunteer to feedback to the class
  • Discuss together whether the required subjects for their suggested jobs reflect their current performance/preference in the classroom

Next steps and related activities

  • Use My World of Work to find out more about careers
  • Pupils can go to and use their profile to record what skills they have used taking part in this lesson
  • Pupils can use findings to complete P7 profile/My diary of success for transition to secondary school