Account factsheet

Help people get the most from their My World of Work account

About 3 mins


A My World of Work Account makes it possible for individuals to register for and use all features of My World of Work. 


The Account is the key to accessing the tools in My World of Work and getting the most out of the site.

Features & benefits


  • Register on My World of Work with an email, password and basic information
  • Access key areas such as Strengths, Skills, Ambition, Education and Experience – meaning they can get personalised career suggestions, using My career options
  • Access the CV builder tool
  • Save About Me and My Interview results


  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Individuals receive career suggestions based on the information and results stored in their account
  • Save time by automatically completing personal details, education and experience in the CV builder


Why should I set up an account?

Setting up and account means that you can use all the features on ‘My World of Work’ such as building and storing CVs, using the My Strengths quiz and getting career suggestions to match you.

Can my password be anything at all?

For security, your password must contain at least eight characters and it must be a mix of upper and lower case letters and at least one number. 

How do I change my password?

Look for the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the page when you’re logged in. This will allow you to change any of your basic information, including your password. 

I’ve forgotten my username or password – how do I access My Account?

Click on “Forgot password” in the login form. You can then request that your password be reset either by sending you an email or online. The email will contain your username and a one-time link to log you in. If you have previously set up security questions in your account, you can have your password reset online and you will be able to get back into My World of Work instantly. Please keep your password and user name somewhere safe so that you can access the site in future.

What are security questions?

When you register with My World of Work, you'll select and answer security questions about yourself. We will use these to identify you if you ever forget your login details, letting you log in right away.

What happens if I can’t answer the security questions correctly when trying to recover my password?

The questions are mainly factual questions about yourself, so hopefully you will know the answer, rather than need to remember it. However if you do get it wrong, you’ll still be able to use the email recovery process.

Will anyone else be able to access my details?

No, only you can access your account details.

Will my information be shared with other organisations?

No, we will not share your information with other organisations.

Do I have to enter all my personal details?

Only a few personal details are required to set up an account and these fields are clearly labelled.

How do I log out?

Choose the 'Log out' link at the top of the page.