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About me allows users to discover how their interests and likes can help them when making decisions about their career. They can use their results to get suggestions of careers which may suit them.


About me has been developed by Skills Development Scotland, and uses Dr John Holland’s theory of career choice.

Dr Holland’s theory states that there are six personality types we can be categorised under ‘RIASEC’ codes:

  • Realistic – doers. People who like working with their hands, with objects, tools, machines, plants or animals. They enjoy being outdoors, are athletic and independent
  • Investigative – thinkers. Problem solvers who like to analyse, observe and investigate in order to understand things
  • Artistic – creators. People who love to use their imagination, generate ideas and create things. They enjoy working in unstructured environments
  • Social – helpers. Great communicators who love working with other people. They might be involved in helping, training, informing or healing them
  • Enterprising – persuaders. Ambitious, influential and persuasive, these people love taking the lead, managing others or taking on new challenges
  • Conventional – organisers. People who like working with facts and data, are skilled at clerical and numerical tasks, have fine attention to detail and enjoy instructions and order

As most people have traits from more than one of these personality types, the results shows the three types which are most like them.

In the tool, the user sees a series of questions and images and is asked to pick the image which they most identify with. Each answer is aligned with one of the RIASEC types. As the user makes their selections, the tool builds information about them and creates a three-part RIASEC code. For example, if they select several images which are related to the 'Conventional' type, this will make up part of their code.  

When they’ve completed the quiz, the user will get a report explaining what their top three RIASEC types are - for example Realistic, Artistic and Social. They’ll also be given suggestions of careers, industries and Modern Apprenticeships which suit this code.

Features & benefits


  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Results stored in your account
  • Use results to find relevant jobs, Modern Apprenticeships and industries


  • Promotes self-awareness
  • An easy way to introduce the concept of interests in your career
  • Helps users when making decisions about their career


How are interests different from strengths?

About me looks at a user’s likes, personality type and interests, and suggests jobs based on these. The Strengths quiz focuses on helping users discover what they’re naturally good at and suggests jobs based on theses strengths.

Can I pick more than one answer to a question?

No, you can only pick one answer per question. Pick the one which feels most relevant to you.

Does it cost anything?

No, the tool is free to complete.