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We've got some tips to help you take the stress out of studying.

1. Discover your learning style

We all learn in different ways, whether it be through writing notes, using diagrams or listening to information. Suss your study style with SQA’s quiz.

2. Make a study plan

Before you start, make a good study plan. Prioritise your time according to which exams are coming up first and which subjects you need to revise the most for. The SQA website has lots of information on how to make a good study plan. There’s also a MyStudyPlan App to help you plan your time.

3. Lose the distractions

Finding a good place to study is key. Make sure that you’re working somewhere quiet and that your desk is free of clutter. Turn off your phone and unless you really need the internet for research, disable the connection.

4. Use past papers

Past exam papers are a great tool and will help you to identify areas that you need to work on. Give them a try, they’re available on the SQA website.

5. Food for thought

Just like a physical workout your brain needs the right food to fuel that mental marathon. Make sure you’re eating healthy snacks throughout the day and not just surviving on junk food. Have a look at these other tips for tackling stress.

6. Take regular breaks

Don’t study all day. You’ll only get tired and distracted. Study in short, focused sessions that last no more than two hours. And don’t stay up late studying the night before an exam. The more sleep you get, the better you’ll perform.

7. Treat yourself

Treats can be a great way to keep motivated. Set yourself a goal and some kind of treat to follow. Do you want to watch something on TV, go shopping or see friends? Tell yourself you can, but only after you’ve done a specific amount of study. It’s going to be less painful if you know there’s fun to follow.

8. Ask for help

Talk to someone if you’re feeling confused, stressed or lonely. If you’ve got a question about something you’re studying – or if you just need some emotional support – speak to a parent, teacher or a friend taking the same subject. You can also ask SQA Sam on Twitter.

9. Exam day

You’ve done all of the preparation, now the day has come. Make sure that you turn up on time and that you read all of the questions carefully. Take a look at some more exam advice.

What next?

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